China Prayerband -- Declared Illegal  

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I posted about this Prayerband when the Olympics first started, expecially when the Chinese Pastor who inspiered it was arrested. Now China has declared the prayer bands to be illegal, considering "pryaer to be a national security threat."

From VOM:Chinese police have stopped people on the streets and taken the bands off their wrists. Some have been interrogated and arrested; at least three families were evicted from their homes. To the government, the prayer band is a symbol of revolution.

We thank everyone across the U.S. and around the world who answered the call to wear a "Pray for China" prayer band and pray during the Olympics. Your willingness to stand with Chinese house church Christians encouraged them as they also wore prayer bands and prayed for their country. Their commitment came with a cost.

Yet, house church Christians refuse to be intimidated. They say that prayer for China is even more critical now that the world is no longer watching. Persecution has increased.

A well-known house church leader was held 11 days by police, who accused him of having an "illegal business operation" for distributing prayer bands free of charge.

Yet, he is not afraid. He told us: "The police can stop us from wearing the prayer bands, but they can’t stop us from praying. Many Chinese brothers and sisters are still wearing the prayer bands without fear."

If you're interested, prayer bands are only $2. I've been wearing mine since August, I never even take it off. » Click here if you want own.

Monday is VOM's International Day of Prayer  

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Sorry I don't have any humorous, random rants today, but I pretty much ranted several times this week already, so....

Please let your church know that Monday is Voice of the Martyr's International Day of Prayer. Join me and thousands of other Christians who will pray for the continued perseverance of our brothers and sisters who suffer for their faith while we enjoy the luxury of religious freedom -- a luxury we should not take for granted.

This is a picture of Zhang Jian, after being beaten for being a Christian.

"Zhang Jian is a gentle and humble Christian who is quick to laugh and full of joy. He works with his father, caring for orphans, evangelizing and helping house church Christians. Because these ordinary Christian activities are considered "crimes" by the Chinese government, police violently attacked his family and beat Zhang Jian for 25 minutes with iron bars. Bones in his face were broken and doctors believe he may not regain sight in his right eye." -- Voice of the Martyrs
Click here if you wish to learn more or send financial aid.

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