A Silent Tribute to our Fallen Heroes  

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Bible Smugglers -- Caught  

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Here's an article Michael Scott sent me. Very interesting.

Chesterfield man hits Bible blockade in China
By Scott L. Miley

CHESTERFIELD — Forrest “Press” Higginbotham knows how to sneak Bibles into foreign countries.

The easiest way is to stow the books in duffle bags, then move hastily through airport customs. When safely at a pre-arranged meeting spot, smugglers hand over the Bibles to Christian pastors or missionaries.

The scheme isn’t so much subterfuge as being able to blend in with a crowd.
The duffle bag method had worked three times previously for Higginbotham, 78, a former missionary and pastor in Africa who lives in Chesterfield.

But on Aug. 17, Higginbotham was among four Americans, including one of his grandsons, who were stopped by Chinese police as they toted duffle bags through the Kunming Wujiaba International Airport in southeast China.