Why Do You Believe Even When God Lets Children Die?  

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Which is a good apologetic answer to the question "Why do you believe in God"?

A: He saved me from myself.
B: He turned my life around.
C: He healed me.

I've read how to evangelize books that recommend anecdotal stories like this, but none of these answers are good apologetic defenses. Apologetic arguments can not be subjective. For every “good” experience that “proves” God exists, there is a “bad” experiences that “proves” He doesn't.

While meeting with my agent last Saturday, she got a text message and broke into tears. The prior Sunday, a parishioner had brought a gun to her childhood church to sell to another parishioner. As he was showing how it worked, it accidently discharged. The bullet went through the wall and struck the pastor’s 14-year daughter in the head.

The text my agent received was that she had passed away.

We started talking about where God was during this — why he didn’t have the girl just a foot away, why he didn’t keep the gun from going off? Why wouldn’t he have protected the family of a man faithfully serving him? Why he didn't heal her in the hospital?

There are no easy answers.

For me, it comes down to history. Historical evidence supports the Bible from the rise of different religions to what cultures borrowed from who. For me, history proves Judaism. I was left to decide if Jesus was the Jewish messiah or not. The clincher was Micah 5:2 and Zechariah 13:7 — references by God the Father that someone He considered his equal was in heaven with Him during the OT. Couple that with Isaiah 53, and I don’t see how it could be anyone other than Christ.

So when tragedy strikes in your life, what keeps you believing in God?

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Debbie Hale  

I believe simply because "He is." God does not make bad things happen to us, it is simply a consequence of our destroying his perfect Garden of Eden with sin. Evil exists and bad things happen to good people and bad alike.

Now, could God spare us? Certainly he could, but why He chooses to or does not choose to is His business, not ours. The main thing is that no matter what happens to us, God is always there for us and he loves us. No matter what it will work out in the end.

February 23, 2012 at 7:39 PM

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