Why Teens Are Leaving the Faith  

Posted by JC Lamont

Anyone with a teen should definitely read this article by Living With Teenagers. "Christianity is often equated with bigotry, racism, homophobia, and sexism. Today's generation wants nothing to do with that brand of faith." The Bible says "they will know we are Christians by our love," but we are losing our kids because we are failing at Jesus' greatest mandate...and they are blaming our Christianity and walking away.


Prophecy of the Heir (Volume I of The Chronicles of Time)  

Posted by JC Lamont

A 7-book series released in 3 volumes, The Chronicles of Time is a fantasy-inspired Christian mythos that plunges the reader into the supernatural world of Michael the archangel. A behind-the-scenes take on the angelic and demonic powers that move history, this epic series follows Michael, the commander of the Malakim, as he battles against Hashatan, the dark lord who seeks to usurp King Elyon’s throne and take rule of Shamayim. History and fantasy collide as the ultimate struggle between good and evil rages on in a war that spans millennia.

UPADATE: September 2, 2014 -- The second edition of Prophecy of the Heir is now available with added scenes, new characters, updated maps, and more! Most Kindles will update automatically, though some may require manual updating. For those who bought a print book, new scenes are available on the website The Chronicles of Time.

There is a long story behind the revised edition, but suffice it to say, after researching the final installment (Pentecost through the Apocalypse), I realized there was too much history to condense into just one book/story arc. So the third volume will be three books/story arcs: Pentecost through the seven ecumenical councils; the middle ages through the holocaust; and present day through the Apocalypse.