Prophecy of the Heir (Volume I of The Chronicles of Time)  

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A 7-book series released in 3 volumes, The Chronicles of Time is a fantasy-inspired Christian mythos that plunges the reader into the supernatural world of Michael the archangel. A behind-the-scenes take on the angelic and demonic powers that move history, this epic series follows Michael, the commander of the Malakim, as he battles against Hashatan, the dark lord who seeks to usurp King Elyon’s throne and take rule of Shamayim. History and fantasy collide as the ultimate struggle between good and evil rages on in a war that spans millennia.

UPADATE: September 2, 2014 -- The second edition of Prophecy of the Heir is now available with added scenes, new characters, updated maps, and more! Most Kindles will update automatically, though some may require manual updating. For those who bought a print book, new scenes are available on the website The Chronicles of Time.

There is a long story behind the revised edition, but suffice it to say, after researching the final installment (Pentecost through the Apocalypse), I realized there was too much history to condense into just one book/story arc. So the third volume will be three books/story arcs: Pentecost through the seven ecumenical councils; the middle ages through the holocaust; and present day through the Apocalypse.

Thus, since Prophecy of the Heir was already the length of two complete novels, it has now been broken down as such, and published in a larger format (6x9 in. to make it thinner), which will help accommodate volume three (as in make it easier to hold).

Why don't I split up the volumes into seven books? Again the answer is complicated, but the short version is 1) I like following the three-part precedence of scripture -- Old Testament, Gospels, New Testament; and 2) even though history can be divided into different eras, from a Christian standpoint, there are really only 3 whole storylines within 1 major story arc, and I feel as though breaking the series down into seven individual books would diminish that reality.

Special thanks to all my fans and supporters over the last two years. I hope you enjoy the revised edition! And again, Kindle versions can update for the new version, and the new scenes are available at The Chronicles of Time.

Here is the new breakdown of the series:

Volume I: Prophecy of the Heir

  • Book One
  • Book Two

Volume II: Covenant of Blood (coming soon)
  • Book Three
  • Book Four

Volume III: Abolition of Death (coming soon)
  • Book Five
  • Book Six
  • Book Seven
Original Post (July 26, 2012): I am very lazy blogger. Sorry. Prophecy of the Heir was published on June 24th, 2012 and I have been immersed in sketching out a rough draft for book 2. After 8 years of working on the first book, it feels odd to be writing again (and not revising). I am on Facebook daily, so if someone wants to keep up with what's going on, it's better to friend me there since I don't blog very often. (Bad author, bad!)

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Just put your book on my "order soon" list. Looks great.

December 23, 2012 at 1:41 AM

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