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“Standing apart from the works of JRR Tolkien, Frank Peretti, and Anne Rice, Prophecy of the Heir is a LOTR-influenced work of literary apologetics that reframes actual Biblical events in a fantasy-inspired narrative of spiritual warfare.”

—Maryann Spikes, apologetics columnist for

I wish to thank my new friend, and fellow apologist, Maryann Spikes, for her review of Prophecy of the Heir, and for featuring me in an in-depth interview. It was a pleasure working with you, let alone getting to know you!

Here are a few sample questions:
Q: Have you read Frank Peretti’s, or any other books in the growing angels and demons genre?

A: I grew up loving Frank Peretti, who was and probably always will be my favorite Christian author. I read Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness when I was 14 or 15, and to this day it has remained my favorite Christian novel. Since then, I’ve read the sequel as well many of his other works. Whether it’s This Present Darkness or Door in the Dragons Throat or The Oath, I love anything to do with magic, angels and demons, sin-conjured monsters, and the like.

Q: Do you think an author’s theology is an important thing to consider when selecting books to read from this genre?

A: Well, sure. I mean, if an author believes you can and should communicate with your guardian angel, I think that could be highly dangerous. But overall, I try to just let scripture speak for itself, and not allow any preconceived notions, doctrines, or theology to creep into my book. Over the years, I had to actually make changes to the story as I came to realize from studying the Bible that some popular doctrines don’t have the scriptural support many Christians think they do.

I hold to one doctrine, and that is the Doctrine of Perspicuity, which basically means that a verse means what it says. I’ve tried very hard to stay true to scripture in its cultural context and leave the dogma out.

For more, please see the full interview. Please feel free to share any questions not covered!

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