The Dark Lord's Power over Mortals  

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“Why is Shaitan granted so much power over Mortal-earth?” Michael demanded.

The Prince opened his eyes, his expression evidently reflecting Michael’s lack of deference. “It is his kingdom,” he replied, as though stating the obvious. “He owns it. My father gave it to the mortals. The mortals gave it to him. Did you miss that somehow?”

“You have the power to stop him.”

The Prince rose from the bench and stepped forward, his voice rising in a crescendo of frustration. “If I destroy all who commit treason, I am a dictator. If I prevent them from committing treason, I am a manipulator who withholds from them the right to choose. And if I do nothing, in the hopes that they turn from treason and seek truth, I am accused of allowing evil and suffering and not being of love. So pray tell,” he said, now a fingerbreadth from Michael’s face. “What course of action could I take that would please you?”

-- Excerpt from Prophecy of the Heir, Volume I of The Chronicles of Time series.
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