The Book of Life written in blood....  

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The Prince writing the Book of Life
Crimson letters glistened across the thin sheet of parchment.

The white-cloaked figure dipped the quill into the basin of blood beside him, then inscribed the final letters across the page.

A sigh escaped his lips as he closed the tome, for its completion merely marked the beginning. As his finger caressed the name engraved upon the ornate cover, the memory of his father’s words echoed through his mind. Even now, he sensed the strain in his father’s voice. Are you certain you understand the consequences? The sacrifice?

Yes, he had answered. She is worth it.

Pushing from his mind all that was to come, he pressed his fingertips to his lips and then against her name. He withdrew from the walled garden, and wound his way through the botanical milieu of the royal grounds.

Beneath a silver sky, he strode across the courtyard, and the palace doors swung open at his approach. The columned throne room lay before him, its alabaster pillars, walls, and floor shimmering with iridescent light. Embossed in the center of the floor, the trionicle—the royal emblem of three circles entwining a triangle—cast a golden glow upon his features.

A tiered dais rose from the far end of the chamber; the first level lay bare, the second encompassed an array of white stones ablaze with an incessant flame, and the third held a gold throne and the one who sat upon it.

Unburned by the flames, the cloaked-figure walked through the midst of the fire, bowed, and presented the tome to the King. His voice was but a whisper.

“It is finished.

-- excerpt from Prophecy of the Heir. Based on Revelation 13:8 -- "...whose names were...written in the Book of Life before the world was made."   

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