The Restlessness of Lucifer  

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Deep in the White Mountain, carved in gold across the face of the great chalice, the Laws of Time speak of what can and cannot come to pass, of what can and cannot be overturned, and of what can and cannot live forever. The chalice was empty, but that would soon change, and bring with it the end of all things…or the beginning.

A new age was dawning, leaving the old Age―the Age of eternity past―forever forgotten.

But of the great chalice, Lucifer Haylel, commander of the Malakim, knew nothing. Nor did he know of which age was his origin―the one to end, or the one just begun.

He knew only that he grew restless.

When he’d first heeded King Elyon’s royal decree to subdue and take dominion of Shamayim, he longed to do nothing more than explore the vast forests, mountains, and lone river that enveloped the world in which he lived. Enjoying the camaraderie of his fellow Malakim, savoring the supremacy that came with his rank as their commander, he reveled in the favor of His Majesty, and the privilege of being entrusted with the Ko’akh―the sword of power.

But of late, a sense of unquiet gnawed at his ether.

He sought something.

Something more....

-- excerpt from Prophecy of the Heir, Volume I of The Chronicles of Time series.

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