The Fall of Lucifer  

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Violent shrieks swelled around Lucifer as he fell. Down, down he plunged through a chasm of endless depth. The choking odor of sulfur and brimstone constricted his chest. Far below, a cauldron of crimson light summoned his spirit, a dark inferno seeking to engulf him in flame.

Shooting forth red tendrils that snapped in the air, the fire crackled and hissed, reaching for him, calling him. Screams scorched his throat. His body pitched and contorted as he continued to fall. Ethereal skin caught fire, and layers of light peeled away, exposing the blackened vapors of his spirit within.

It seemed he would fall for eternity, in darkness and flame, when suddenly he crashed against hard ground…and knew nothing.

Light streamed from a sphere of plasma suspended in the sky. Lucifer blinked, disoriented. How much time had passed since he’d fallen, he knew not, but his ethereal body had evidently regenerated from whatever damage had been inflicted when he’d crashed into the sub-natural world.

He pulled himself up from the ground, vehement fury coursing through him. “Curse you!” he shouted at the sky. “Curse you, Elyon, and your throne!”

He forced his rage under control, realizing the eyes of his troops were upon him as they rose to their feet. Their expressions of terror confirmed they too had seen the vision of their supposed fate as they’d fallen through Time. Lucifer shook off the memory of the abyss, and turned to address them.

“Hear me,” he shouted. “That shall not be our destiny!”

“Your plan failed,” Vafar said. “And now we are banished.”

Lucifer stared into the Centaur’s haughty face. “A mere complication,” he said calmly. “I will rule Shamayim.”

“You’re a fool,” Vafar spat at Lucifer’s feet. “I warned you to relinquish him!”

Ignoring him, Lucifer turned to the host. A plan had begun to formulate, one that would tilt the advantage back in his favor. Revenge would be meticulous, cold. Elyon would regret the day he refused to surrender Shamayim.

“This situation is but a momentary setback,” he said. “We will retrieve Vafar and the others. We will defeat Elyon. And Shamayim will be ours.”

The host mumbled amongst themselves, and Lucifer sensed he was losing their confidence.

“As proof of my power,” he continued. “I shall claim lordship of this world, at which time, I expect your full allegiance.”

"Elyon gave lordship of this world to the earth-kind. What makes you believe you can steal it from them?”

A smile flitted across Lucifer’s face. “So little faith,” he said. “I am not going to steal it. They will give it to me.”

-- excerpt from Prophecy of the Heir, Volume I of The Chronicles of Time series.

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