Why did John the Baptist deny being Elijah?

What role did Sejanus play in Pilate's desire to acquit Jesus of treason?

Why was demon possession so rampant during Jesus' ministry?

What sparked the corruption of the once-devout Pharisees?

No other life of Christ book digs into Jewish history to unravel the answers to these and many other questions. Written by Christian apologist and historian, JC Lamont, this novel features a 14,000+ word appendix. Source materials, other than the Bible, include Josephus, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Targum (a first or second century BC Aramaic commentary on the Old Testament read in the synagogues in Jesus' day), and works by first century AD Roman historians such as Cassius Dio, Suetonius, and Tacitus.

Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness meets Anne Rice’s Christ: Out of Egypt. From birth to baptism, this supernatural thriller portrays Jesus’ childhood through the eyes of his ethereal guardian, the archangel, Michael.

Drawn out of hiding by a census, hunted from birth by a murderous king, trapped in a burning temple amidst slaughtered worshipers, left behind in a city known for its riots and civil wars, and caught in a political massacre by a fledgling roman prefect…these are but a few of the actual historical events plaguing the life of Jesus as he grew to manhood in first century Israel. And that doesn’t include the demonic forces seeking to destroy him before he can fulfill his mission. Thus, the guardian of Israel, Michael the archangel, forsakes his position as commander of the angelic army to protect the young messiah from Lucifer and his minions, who at every turn seek his death.

The hour of darkness is coming...

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