About JC  



The Short Version:

I left home at 17 after years of my father (a pastor) using scripture to "prove" that God couldn't look at me, let alone hear my prayers. I never bothered reading the Bible because I "knew" it was just God's way of condemning me, and telling me I wasn't good enough. In an odd turn of events, I accidently discovered the God of love in the pages of the Old Testament, and immediately bought a Bible, which I then read in 6 months. Reading it that fast made me realize it was ONE story, and a love story at that. Wishing to reach others who had been turned away from Christianity, I spent the next 10 years researching and writing Prophecy of the Heir, a fantasy inspired version of the Bible that reflects how I now see it — a suspenseful, action-packed, battle-ridden love story.

The Long Version—Ex-goth Turned Apologist:

Debut novelist JC Lamont wasn’t always a Bible enthusiast. After years of spiritual abuse at the hands of her father, she left home at 17, wholly convinced that God hated her, and that the Bible was nothing but words of condemnation.  

All that changed one day, years later, at her local bookstore. Goth, and searching for anything to alleviate the feelings of utter worthlessness, she spent her days delving into the Wiccan section, until one time she turned the corner and came face to face with a shelf full of Bibles. A youth-oriented bible handbook caught her eye, and for reasons beyond her, she took it home and started reading. She didn't make it past the chapter on Judges when she was dumbfounded to realize God didn't hate her.

JC never finished that handbook. She bought a Bible.

Six months later, she’d read the whole thing. Reading the Bible that fast highlighted to JC that it was ONE story, not a collection of moral Sunday School stories—but a love story, between God and mankind. Wishing for others to discover the God of love as she had, JC spent the next 10 years researching and writing Prophecy of the Heir, the first Volume in the The Chronicles of Time series -- a fantasy-inspired version of the Bible. Her 20-page appendix attests to her diligence in striving for historical, biblical, and cultural accuracy.

But it doesn't read like a history book. Or even the Bible for that matter. Not one page mentions the word God. Or sin. Or even angels and demons. Using Hebraic terms, JC penned The Chronicles of Time with an allegorical flair. Her love of fantasy, world-building, and suspense heavily influenced her writing, and her characters are not what one would expect. Her main character, Michael the archangel, wrestles with his decision to remain loyal, constantly questions his orders, argues with his second-in-command, and struggles with vigilante tendencies.

So who is her target audience? JC hopes to reach any who have been turned away from God for whatever reason. But it’s also a book for those who simply want a suspenseful, action-packed, battle-ridden love story—which is how JC now views the Bible.