The Chronicles of Time

Volume I: Books One and Two


Where the dead breathe and the immortal die 

In a world steeped in bloodlust, the avenging archangel Michael is sent to protect a sacred lineage hunted by the dark lord, Hashatan. Haunted by visions of a bleeding tree growing atop a blackened skull, Michael kills kings and priets in an attempt to ensure the birth of the Heir. But will he go too far?

A 7-book series released in 3 volumes, The Chronicles of Time is a fantasy-inspired Christian mythos that plunges the reader into the supernatural world of Michael the archangel. A behind-the scenes take on the angelic and demonic powers that move history, this epic series follows Michael, the vigilante commander of the Malakim, as he battles against Hashatan, the dark lord who seeks to usurp King Elyon's throne and take rule of Shamayim. History and fantasy collide as the ultimate struggle between good and evil rages on in a war that spans millennia.

Teens and Young Adults of all ages enjoy Prophecy of the Heir:

“JC Lamont brilliantly retells the Bible in a way that gives new meaning to every well-known story. Satan’s attempt to overthrow God is no longer just another old tale, but an experience for each and every reader. [Prophecy of the Heir] deepens your faith while keeping you on the edge of your seat." — Miriam, 14, New York

“The book was great. I loved how it basically paraphrased the entire Old Testament in a fun and interesting way. Desperately hoping for a sequel to see how you do the Gospels. Thanks for writing this.” —Abe, 16, Florida

“I couldn't put it down! Prophecy of the Heir takes biblical history and retells it from an angelic perspective. Epic battles to preserve the lineage of the Heir (Messiah) between angels and demons, and the war for the universe make this book great for people who love to read Christian fantasy. I especially appreciated the historical and biblical accuracy the book had while being exciting and epic.” —Marie, 19, Germany

“Hands down, best book, outside of the Bible, that I've read. I recommend it to everyone: Christians to strengthen their faith, non-Christians to be introduced to the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Very well researched and written. A definite page turner; you won't be able to put it down. Should be made into a movie.” —Jimmy, 25, Delaware