Apologetics For A New Generation  

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Most Christian teenagers today are rolling through life without much thoughtful reflection about their faith. They have deep confusion about the nature and character of the Trinitarian God, other essential Christian truth claims, and the nature of truth itself. Most of their worldviews are shaped by a pluralistic culture rather than biblical literacy, so, naturally, their beliefs diverge widely from biblical standards. As a result, many teens are leaving the faith they grew up with, and of those who remain in the fold, few are living as bold witnesses for Christ.

Dedicated teenagers who embrace an authentic Christian worldview, however, not only are less likely to abandon the faith, but are more likely to practice it in their daily lives. This is why apologetics training is such a critical component in the discipling of youth. If we can help them to internalize the truth and beauty of Christianity, they will be far more likely to live out its goodness.

Why Do You Believe Even When God Lets Children Die?  

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Which is a good apologetic answer to the question "Why do you believe in God"?

A: He saved me from myself.
B: He turned my life around.
C: He healed me.

I've read how to evangelize books that recommend anecdotal stories like this, but none of these answers are good apologetic defenses. Apologetic arguments can not be subjective. For every “good” experience that “proves” God exists, there is a “bad” experiences that “proves” He doesn't.

While meeting with my agent last Saturday, she got a text message and broke into tears. The prior Sunday, a parishioner had brought a gun to her childhood church to sell to another parishioner. As he was showing how it worked, it accidently discharged. The bullet went through the wall and struck the pastor’s 14-year daughter in the head.

The text my agent received was that she had passed away.

Was Hitler A Christian?  

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Reasonable People Reject Belief in God  

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Richard Dawkins, P.Z. Myers and other New Atheists are planning a "Reason Rally" in Washington, D.C. on March 24. They're billing it as "the largest gathering of the secular movement in world history," and they're using it to trumpet their message that reasonable people reject belief in God.

We disagree.

Together, we represent Christians from the United States and around the world who believe that Christianity is a reasonable worldview. Our goal is to demonstrate a humble, loving and thoughtful response to the Reason Rally.
We'll be equipped there with:
  • Gifts of kindness to give away--free bottled water, for example
  • Mini-book (32-page) summarized versions of Reason Really, an exciting soon-to-be-published ebook written especially for this purpose.
  • Flyers advertising that ebook.
  • A limited number of copies of a currently published book on Christianity and atheism.
Further details on these books are available on request.

Join us in Washington!

Come join us there! We invite you to unite with us in a spirit of grace and truth (John 1:14, 1:18), ready to speak the truth in love (Eph. 4:15), with godly grace and wisdom (Col. 4:6).
This is not a counter-demonstration, in case you're wondering. We are going there to share Christ person to person as opportunity arises. We will not raise our voices. We will talk with those who want to talk with us. We will offer gifts and materials to all, but we will not press ourselves on those who do not wish to converse. Knowing that the way others may choose to gather near us is not entirely in our control, we will nevertheless attempt to avoid gathering groups larger than a handful of people.