21 December, 2017

Prophecy of the Heir, 3rd Edition -- Coming Soon!!!

Due to the impending release of the 3rd edition of Prophecy of the Heir (click here for details), the 2nd edition is no longer available as a print book. The ebook is still available since it can be updated for free. For those who have purchased the 2nd edition print book, the 3rd edition changes (Creation through Adam and Eve) will be available as their own ebook for FREE for those who bought the print book. If you don't have an ereader, you can read it on a kindle app, and/or it will be available as a pdf.

For your patience, click here for a sneak peak at the new opening. Hope you enjoy!

PS -- here's what the new cover looks like!

18 February, 2015

The Problem of Evangelical Biblical Illiteracy by David R. Nienhuis

"Satan's use of Scripture in tempting Jesus is clear indication that a merely cognitive level of biblical literacy does not automatically result in the formation of a Christian character."

For well over twenty years now, Christian leaders have been lamenting the loss of general biblical literacy in America. No doubt you have read some of the same dire statistics that I have. Study after study demonstrates how nearly everyone in our land owns a Bible (more than one, in fact) but few ever take the time to read it, much less study it closely. Indeed, while the Exploring Religious America Survey of 2002 reports that over 84 percent of Americans consider the Bible to be "very" or "somewhat important" in helping them make decisions in life, recent Gallup polls tell us that only half can name even one of the four Gospels, only a third are able to identify the individual who delivered the Sermon on the Mount, and most aren't even able to identify Genesis as the Bible's opening text.

09 February, 2015

What parents should teach and children can learn from the Bible

The following is an article by Bethany Blankley, originally published in the Washington Times on December 12, 2014. I came across this article a few days ago, and discovered that Bethany is a girl after my own heart. I hope you enjoy!

What Parents Should Teach and Children Can Learn from the Bible

As a child I could rarely put a book down. I frequently wondered who wrote the words that came alive in my imagination? Who could construct entire languages like Elvish, Dwarvish, and Black Speech? And who thought a wooden doll’s nose could grow, or an elephant could fly, or a princess could escape from goblins using invisible string?

For some reason, I speculated that another story existed, behind each story I read. Similarly, G.K. Chesterton thought, “I had always felt life first as a story: and if there is a story there is a story-teller.”

 The Bible answers this curiosity for children (mini adults) and parents (grown up children). To understand the Bible, parents and children must know they are no different than most described on its pages. More importantly, they cannot live fully without loving its author and his son.

The son travels far and wide, searching for his treasure chests, finding them often sinking at sea or in quicksand. A brave warrior and prince, he leaves his throne to find, rescue and glorify those his father loves. He’s willing to die for them, and ultimately does, because he loves them, too.

27 July, 2012

Why Teens Are Leaving the Faith

"Christianity is often equated with bigotry, racism, homophobia, and sexism. Today's generation wants nothing to do with that brand of faith."

This is a pretty good article by Living With Teenagers about why our young people are rejecting Christianity.

The Bible says "they will know we are Christians by our love," but we are losing our kids because we are failing at Jesus' greatest mandate...and they are blaming our Christianity and walking away.


27 February, 2012

Apologetics For A New Generation

Most Christian teenagers today are rolling through life without much thoughtful reflection about their faith. They have deep confusion about the nature and character of the Trinitarian God, other essential Christian truth claims, and the nature of truth itself. Most of their worldviews are shaped by a pluralistic culture rather than biblical literacy, so, naturally, their beliefs diverge widely from biblical standards. As a result, many teens are leaving the faith they grew up with, and of those who remain in the fold, few are living as bold witnesses for Christ.

 Dedicated teenagers who embrace an authentic Christian worldview, however, not only are less likely to abandon the faith, but are more likely to practice it in their daily lives. This is why apologetics training is such a critical component in the discipling of youth. If we can help them to internalize the truth and beauty of Christianity, they will be far more likely to live out its goodness.