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Elyon, Elyon, my king, my lord
Deliver me from this sword

Why have you forsaken me
In your eyes, forsaken me
In your thoughts, in your heart,
In your wrath, forsaken me

In their hatred, dark and fierce,
They mock, scorn and abase
My hands and feet, they pierce
My bones, they wrench from place

You lay me in the dust
Desert me as death calls
Yet in you, will I trust
Into your hands, my spirit falls

-- The Prince
Prophecyof the Heir
(based on Psalm 22:1-17, 31:5)

This poem (based on messianic psalms) is an except from the literary apologetics novel, Prophecy of the Heir, written by the Prince (the pre-incarnate Christ), who gives it to the Shekinah (Holy Spirit), who then inspires the mortal Daeved (King David) to pen it.