The Rise of the Dark Lord  

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Isel glided into the clearing, followed by Groblik. “Why, may I ask, have you summoned us out to the forest during the middle of twilight?”

Lucifer turned to her. “I wish to know your opinion on what we’ve just witnessed?”

Isel stared at him, stupefied. “You want our opinion on the new world, this Time?”

Vafar spat out the twig. “He’s obsessed with the forbidden gold tree. It seems being second-in-command to Elohim is not enough power for the commander.”

“What does ‘commander’ even mean?” Lucifer retorted. “Other than that I have been entrusted with this,” he added, gesturing towards the Ko’akh. He drew the sword and stared at the trionicle adorning the center of the white hilt, surrounded by the twelve jewels of Shamayim. “And exactly what does it do? What purpose does it serve? It certainly does not enable me to create.” He ran a hand down the blade, then issued a mild gasp of pain and surprise as white vapor seeped from a gash in his finger. 

Groblik looked at him in astonishment. “I’ve handled various Khahi metals, and never have they”— he searched for the right word—“wounded.”

Isel cocked her head and stared at the sword. She reached out to touch the blade, but when her hand made contact, she recoiled in fear. “That blade has slain a spirit-lord.”

 -- excerpt from chapter one of Prophecy of the Heir. Based on Revelation 13:8 --  "...the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world." This scene takes place directly after the angels witness the creation of Earth.