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I am pleased to announce that Dawn of Shadows is now available for FREE on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Kobo, GoolePlay (and iBooks within a week or so). I would also like to offer my gratitude for the awesome new cover by the very talented digital painter, Caleb Havertape!

The Fall of Lucifer  

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Violent shrieks swelled around Lucifer as he fell. Down, down he plunged through a chasm of endless depth. The choking odor of sulfur and brimstone constricted his chest. Far below, a cauldron of crimson light summoned his spirit, a dark inferno seeking to engulf him in flame.

Shooting forth red tendrils that snapped in the air, the fire crackled and hissed, reaching for him, calling him. Screams scorched his throat. His body pitched and contorted as he continued to fall. Ethereal skin caught fire, and layers of light peeled away, exposing the blackened vapors of his spirit within.

It seemed he would fall for eternity, in darkness and flame, when suddenly he crashed against hard ground…and knew nothing.

Light streamed from a sphere of plasma suspended in the sky. Lucifer blinked, disoriented. How much time had passed since he’d fallen, he knew not, but his ethereal body had evidently regenerated from whatever damage had been inflicted when he’d crashed into the sub-natural world.

He pulled himself up from the ground, vehement fury coursing through him. “Curse you!” he shouted at the sky. “Curse you, Elyon, and your throne!”

He forced his rage under control, realizing the eyes of his troops were upon him as they rose to their feet. Their expressions of terror confirmed they too had seen the vision of their supposed fate as they’d fallen through Time. Lucifer shook off the memory of the abyss, and turned to address them.

“Hear me,” he shouted. “That shall not be our destiny!”

“Your plan failed,” Vafar said. “And now we are banished.”

Lucifer stared into the Centaur’s haughty face. “A mere complication,” he said calmly. “I will rule Shamayim.”

“You’re a fool,” Vafar spat at Lucifer’s feet. “I warned you to relinquish him!”

Ignoring him, Lucifer turned to the host. A plan had begun to formulate, one that would tilt the advantage back in his favor. Revenge would be meticulous, cold. Elyon would regret the day he refused to surrender Shamayim.

“This situation is but a momentary setback,” he said. “We will retrieve Vafar and the others. We will defeat Elyon. And Shamayim will be ours.”

The host mumbled amongst themselves, and Lucifer sensed he was losing their confidence.

“As proof of my power,” he continued. “I shall claim lordship of this world, at which time, I expect your full allegiance.”

"Elyon gave lordship of this world to the earth-kind. What makes you believe you can steal it from them?”

A smile flitted across Lucifer’s face. “So little faith,” he said. “I am not going to steal it. They will give it to me.”

-- excerpt from Prophecy of the Heir, Volume I of The Chronicles of Time series.

Lucifer Plans the Revolt  

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Vafar’s voice broke through Lucifer's thoughts. “We must make haste.”

Lucifer entered the alcove. Rich veins of amethyst branched out in various directions along the luminescent walls. “Are you sure this cave is vacant?” he asked, staring down the serpentine tunnel that led to underground springs of liquid jewels. Ophanim could often be found harvesting the crystallized foam that bubbled along the edges.

Vafar nodded. “The next time Elyon goes to Ayden, we must make our move.”

“No,” Lucifer said. “Michael is not yet ready.”

“He will never be ready,” Vafar said. “The khimari know they are being tamed for ill-intent, and they sense in your lieutenant a reluctance to break them. He is weak.”

“To the contrary, he is the best I have,” Lucifer said calmly as he inspected one of the amethyst veins. “Groblik tells me these jewels possess a power he has not yet learned how to tap into. He suspects each jewel offers a different―”

“Mardikel is almost as skilled with a blade as Michael is, and he can ride a khimara,” Vafar said. “That makes him superior.”

“Michael just needs a little more time.”

“When you reveal your plan, he will not so easily turn as the others.”

“Michael is loyal to me.”

Vafar snorted. “Your regard of him blinds you to the truth. He needs to be relinquished.”

Lucifer whirled. “No. It is my decision, and mine alone.”

“Without fare, my herd will grow weak!” Vafar snapped. “And I notice that you too can no longer eat from the fruit of Shamayim. You will need strength to wield the Ko’akh if it should come to that. We cannot wait any longer.”

Lucifer drew in a deep breath, loath to admit Vafar was right. He’d been keeping track of the rotations of the sub-natural world, which marked King Elyon’s visits to Ayden, and timing them to synchronize with the sparring sessions. “Not this session, but next,” he relented. “Elyon would call it ‘the morrow’ by Time’s standards. We will strike then.”

-- excerpt from Prophecy of the Heir, Volume I of The Chronicles of Time series.

Lucifer Unrestrained  

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“What are you waiting for?” Vafar asked.

Without replying, Lucifer stepped off the terrace. He fell through the sea, feeling the water compressing against him as it propelled him downward. Just as he felt the suffocating pressure would be his end, he found himself standing in the garden beside the gold tree.

He glanced up to ensure the presence of the Sea of Glass, and was relieved to see a watery window hovering above him. Turning back to the tree, hesitating only for a moment, his breath quelling with expectancy, he reached for a piece of fruit.

The touch sent a tingle through his fingertips and down his arm. Anticipation mounting, he pressed the fruit against his lips, and the tingling sensation spread across his face.

With trembling hands, he took a bite.

A euphoric rush of energy surged through him, coursing through his ether. Every fibre of his being felt aflame, akin to his awakening, when he’d walked through the flames that had forged his ethereal body.

He glanced about, searching for something to test his power on, then strode to the riverbank. He stared at the rushing waters. “Arise,” he ordered. A column of water rose from the midst of the river, and Lucifer’s eyes widened in fascination and awe. “Take form,” he commanded.

The column took on the likeness of the Shekinah as a dove, separating from the rest of the water as it spread its liquid wings and soared. “No, one of those colossal lizards called dragon,” Lucifer said, his ecstasy echoing in his voice.

At once the dove changed shape, its body transforming into a great beast with scales and claws. Its liquid nostrils flared and its bulbous, unseeing eyes stared at him, as though awaiting his next command.

“Be as you were,” Lucifer said.

The water crashed back into the river as though it had never risen.

Shaking with excitement, Lucifer strode back to the gold tree, then vaulted upwards through the glass sea window. Once more standing on the terrace, he smiled in triumph at the others. “Now that you have witnessed the power of an inferior tree, imagine what the original possesses,” he said. “So I ask you again, are you with me or not?”

-- excerpt from Prophecy of the Heir, Volume I of The Chronicles of Time series. Based on Revelation 12:15 which demonstrates Lucifer's power over the elements when unrestrained. This excerpt takes place before the fall, before Lucifer is restrained and thrown out of heaven.